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“Discrimination… remind(s) them that the lie of inferiority is
accepted as truth in the society dominating them."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


For the past seven years, a community of teachers, parents, and community members has fought to reclaim valuable space and protect the nurturing academic environment of Baldwin Hills Elementary. This is a call to action to reach a greater coalition of individuals who will align their voice, their resources, and their position with the NIA community to end the destructive charter co-location now.


Easy as 1. 2. 3. Click the buttons below to complete the actions in our effort to reclaim Baldwins occupied classrooms and spaces.

Historically, Black schools have to overcompensate to remain competitive.
The systemic confiscation of our learning, meeting, and social-emotional safe spaces sanctioned by Prop 39 is unconscionable.

           WE DEMAND EDUCATIONAL JUSTICE NOW!              

View the data on the impact of colocation as presented to local officials. 

C O L O C A T I O N:

"The Los Angeles Unified School District's legal obligation under the state law (referred to as "Proposition 39") to offer available (i.e. unoccupied) facilities to charter schools who request them on an annual basis."

What you should know about Prop 39 and co-location.

Source: KNOCK-LA 

  • Proposition 39 passed by California voters in 2000

  • Requires school districts to provide facilities to charter schools that are "reasonably equivalent... to other public schools in the district."

  • The billionaire-backed California Charter School Association has since "used the courts to force the co-location of privately run charter schools onto public school campuses even though the word 'co-location' does not appear anywhere in the voter-approved text."

  • As long as an LAUSD campus has rooms not occupied by a classroom teacher, "it can be subjected to an invasion by a separately managed school."


Baldwin's substantive spaces, which are key to elevating the enriched comprehensive curriculum and academic program such as the computer lab, music room, yoga space, Healthy Start Program, and more have been deemed

"unoccupied" due to the language and interpretation of Prop 39.   


The seven year impact of co-location on Baldwin's campus

is a loss or minimization of valuable programs and enrichment.

PS Arts program teacher must rove

Orchestra program held in various outdoor and indoor spaces. Teacher spends instruction time moving instruments from one location to another.

Theater Arts held in the auditorium with constant interruptions from the charter school accessing this same space.

Visual Arts held in individual classrooms. The art teacher keeps the supplies in the trunk of car.

Mentoring Programs lack private and adequate space, shared spaces with the charter are unavailable for consistent meeting days and times.

Counseling Students who are most vulnerable are in a setting that does not support access to their individual specialized services. 

Yoga in the auditorium, on the playground, or a crowded classroom that is used for storage and counseling.

After School Programs Reduced​

Technology access digital inclusion reduced for students, parents and community.

Health Programs, safety, and custodial services impacted.

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